Additive Manufacturing

ArcelorMittal: pioneer in Steel Additive Manufacturing

Since 2016, ArcelorMittal R&D centers around the world have been exploring the potential of Additive Manufacturing in many ways, from algorithm optimization to the quest for new materials. The R&D team has always had in mind that productivity is the most significant issue in Additive Manufacturing. The machines are expensive, and depreciation drives up the cost of parts produced, so maximizing the output of the equipment is the best way to drive down costs per part, which also broadens the range of applications where additive manufacturing can be used. 

At ArcelorMittal, our goal is to help build a better world with smarter steels. As the world's leading steel and mining company, we have an inherent stake in this and a clear responsibility. With the production of Steel Powders and after many years of investment in R&D, ArcelorMittal has become a fundamental part of Steel Additive Manufacturing. 

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