Euro 7 and brake discs: the latest automotive challenge

The automotive industry is under pressure to lower emissions and increase fuel efficiency, without compromising safety and performance standards.

Euro norms have traditionally controlled the amount of particles that a vehicle can release. With powertrains significantly improved over previous norms Euro 5 and 6, Euro 7 now addresses one of the main sources of fine particles remaining on a vehicle: brake discs. 

One keyway to reduce these particles and extend brake discs life span is to apply a hard coating on brake discs, combining stainless steel and carbides. We at ArcelorMittal have established lab capability to reproduce brake disc coatings and simulate powder solutions, explore further material properties and coating process parameters that matter most, as well as final coating properties of brake discs. 

We are eager to discuss customers cladding and spraying process and interest in our powder solutions for brake discs… Come and visit our Global R&D center or reach us out at  

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14 Diciembre 2023

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