Our story

Our story

ArcelorMittal: a decade of R&D and innovation in Steel Powders and Additive Manufacturing



The birth of the Additive Manufacturing team

ArcelorMittal R&D forms a dedicated team to apply its metallurgical, process and application expertise in the emerging field of Additive Manufacturing.



The first LPBF machine and the laboratory atomizer

The Avilés Global R&D center (Asturias, Spain) installs the first LPBF additive printing machine from Additive Industries, enabling the production of complex and lightweight parts using laser powder bed fusion (LPBF), one of the most popular metal 3D printing processes. 

The R&D center also starts operating a laboratory atomizer to produce Steel Powder.



Optimizing spare parts and consumables with Additive Manufacturing

ArcelorMittal R&D explores the potential of Additive Manufacturing to optimize the production of spare parts and consumables for ArcelorMittal’s steelmaking operations, which were originally designed with conventional manufacturing limitations.

The characterization laboratory (for both Powder and printed parts) and the addition of new Powder printing machines reinforce ArcelorMittal's commitment to Additive Manufacturing. New collaborations with key actors and entities in the sector expand the scientific-technological network worldwide.


TheSteelPrinters: A joint venture to revolutionize heavy industry

ArcelorMittal and Frankstahl establish TheSteelPrinters, a joint venture aimed at revolutionizing heavy industry through the adoption of metal 3D printing for spare part production. 

After several years of supporting ArcelorMittal maintenance operations, improving production reliability and supply chain performance, TheSteelPrinters grows its capabilities to serve other customers and industries.


A 3D printed steel motorbike chassis: a remarkable milestone

ArcelorMittal and the Materials and Advance Manufacturing research group (MOD3RN) at Nebrija University collaborate to manufacture a 3D printed steel motorbike chassis. 

This project combines ArcelorMittal's technology and expertise in additive manufacturing, design and simulation, with Nebrija University's developments in smart design technology and experience in racing vehicles, achieving a remarkable milestone.


Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with 3D printed respirator parts

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, ArcelorMittal R&D team designs and 3D prints parts for respirators certified by the Spanish Medicines Agency (Agencia Española del Medicamento). 

These parts were donated to hospitals and health centres in Spain, contributing to save lives and support the health system.


Developing new atomisation processes and publishing patents

ArcelorMittal R&D team works on the development of new atomisation processes to produce Steel Powder, using the atomiser at the Avilés Global R&D center. 

The team also publishes five patents related to metal power for Additive Manufacturing, showing their leadership and innovation in this field. (We will add a link to those patents)


ArcelorMittal Powders: a new company dedicated to Additive Manufacturing

ArcelorMittal approves the constitution of ArcelorMittal Powders in Avilés (Asturias, Spain), and the construction of a facility dedicated to the production of Steel Powders for Additive Manufacturing.

 The new company leverages ArcelorMittal's metallurgical knowledge and digital expertise to unleash the potential of steels in combination with Additive Manufacturing, offering solutions for various industries and applications.

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