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The Steel Powders will be offered in the size ranges suitable for all existing powder-based metal additive technologies in manufacturing industries such as aviation, defence, automotive, medical, and energy. They can also be used in new technologies such as hard coating of brake discs to reduce particle emissions, helping Automotive OEMs and Tier Ones to comply with the Euro 7 regulation.

"From our facility in Spain, we will offer a range of steel powders tailored to our customers’ needs. A technology as innovative and disruptive as additive manufacturing not only allows us to think about changes in the design and manufacturing process of many parts and components we use today, but also exploit one of the inherently sustainable characteristics of steel – its recyclability." 

Colin Hautz
ArcelorMittal Powders CEO


Additive Manufacturing enables the production of complex, lightweight, and cost-effective parts and components, such as engine parts, satellites, and rocket engines  


We support the Automotive industry with smarter Steel Powders, committed to build a better world with smarter steels. For parts and components, 3D printing now opens more degrees of freedom in design and properties.


Additive Manufacturing makes it possible to manufacture spare parts and pieces for military equipment quickly and easily, even in conflict situations. This can help reduce downtime and improve equipment availability. In addition, it offers great design freedom, allowing components with complex geometries to be created that would be difficult or impossible to manufacture with traditional methods.


With the focus on the development of new solutions for patients, our Steel Powders are used for both the development of medical instrumentation and medical devices.

Tools and Moulds

 Additive Manufacturing can overcome some of the limitations and challenges of the conventional methods, such as long lead times, high costs, material wastage and design constraints.

University / R&D Centers

If you are part of a University or R&D center and want to use Steel Powder, please contact us so we can offer you the solution that best suits your needs.

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