Steel. And only steel.

Leveraging ArcelorMittal’s metallurgical and digital expertise, we do what we know best, steel, and now serve the Additive Manufacturing industry.

Serial production, scale and productivity

Targeting manufacturing industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive, medical and energy, we intend to scale our Steel Powders offering in collaboration with customers and industrial partners, through co-design and co-engineering projects.


AdamIQ™: Standard offer and customised alloys

Available in sizes suitable for all metal Additive Manufacturing technologies, taking performance one step further.


Sustainability, embedded in our Steel Powder

In line with ArcelorMittal's commitment to sustainability and decarbonization, we are committed to advancing the sustainability of Additive Manufacturing.


Serial production, scale and productivity

At ArcelorMittal Powders we understand that productivity is the most important issue in Additive Manufacturing. Machines are expensive and depreciation increases the cost of parts produced, so maximizing the equipment output is the best way to reduce costs per part, which also expands the range of applications where additive manufacturing can be used.

Large batch production and state-of-the-art sieving

Significant volumes of Steel Powders in batch sizes from 200 kg to 3 tonnes, which means quality, reliability and traceability meeting the high standards and specifications of the Additive Manufacturing industry. Accurate sizing of the powder for your application.

Applications across all industries

The Steel Powders will be offered in the size ranges suitable for all existing powder-based metal additive technologies in manufacturing industries such as aviation, defence, automotive, medical, and energy. They can also be used in new technologies such as hard coating of brake discs to reduce particle emissions, helping Automotive OEMs to comply with the Euro 7 regulation.

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