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Industry standard Steel Pôwder for PBF, BJ or DMLS


Stainless Steel Powder

With a minimum Chromium (Cr) content of 10% and other elements such as Nickel (Ni) or Molybdenum (Mo), Stainless Steels are the most suitable option in terms of resistance, durability, and hardness. Stainless steel's resistance to corrosion results from the chromium, which forms a passive film that can protect the material and self-heal in the presence of oxygen.

Tool Steel Powder

Tool Steel has a higher carbon content and, in addition, other elements such as Chromium (Cr), Molybdenum (Mo), and Vanadium (V), which gives it excellent wear resistance, high toughness and good thermal shock resistance. Harder than mild steel, it is therefore the choice for those looking for greater strength and durability. Tool steel is widely used in applications such as pressure die casting, extrusion, forging, and stamping.

Maraging Steel Powder

Maraging Steel is a type of steel that, thanks to a percentage of Nickel (Ni) between 15 and 15%, in addition to other elements such as Molybdenum (Mo), Cobalt (Co), Titanium (Ti) or Aluminum (Al) o Niobium (Ni), among others, offers superior strength and hardness without losing its ductile capacity.

Steel Powders are used in multiple industries and applications.

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