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In recent years, many Universities have created Additive Manufacturing Research Groups, in which students and future engineers experiment with the possibilities offered by this technology. At ArcelorMittal Powders we know how important these studies are to advance faster and reach all industries. In fact at ArcelorMittal, through the Global R&D department, we actively collaborate with numerous academic institutions. Proof of this are the initiatives launched with, for example, Nebrija University, in Spain, a collaboration from which projects such as the use of 3D to build a motorbike chassis or the application of Steel 3D printing technology in a Dakar Rally vehicle.

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ArcelorMittal and Nebrija University use 3D printing to build a motorbike chassis

This close collaboration between ArcelorMittal and the Materials and Advance Manufacturing research group (MOD3RN) at Nebrija University has led to the manufacture of a steel chassis that could revolutionise the motorbike world

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Steel 3D printing technology applied in a Dakar Rally vehicle

.The 3D printing technology used by ArcelorMittal at its R&D&I Centre, combined with the smart design algorithms of Nebrija University, have made it possible to develop various components of the car. Nebrija University students undertook the redesign and technological improvement of a car of the Sodicars team that took part in the 2023 Dakar Rally in the top-class category (T1).

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White paper: Novel approach to increase LPBF productivity

In an example business case, a spare part is printed on a single-laser LPBF. With 24 parts fitting on the build plate, the packing density of the build job was just under 20% which is a normal level for serial production. Compared to the typical approach of VED/density mapping, the novel approach increased the average build rate per layer by 50%.

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